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Meet Mary Katherine

Hello! I am

Mary Katherine Smith,

owner of Pink Lola.

In addition to owning Pink Lola, I am a wife, mother, and Mimi to Lawson, Garrison, Ella, and Benji. I also have two fur babies Fifi, a toy poodle, and Henry Dale, a handsome yellow cat. If you follow me on social media, I am sure you have already met my crew! They are my world! 

My retail career began at 16 when I created displays for a local boutique. Later my retail career would include managing other stores. After taking a break to stay home with my babies, I finally opened my first store, Magnolia Interiors. At Magnolia Interiors I offered consultations and home decor. I loved creating and assisting my customers with their homes! Several years later, I opened Mary Katherine's, a lifestyle boutique in downtown Burlington. Mary Katherine’s merchandise mix included home decor, gifts, and apparel. I love my beautiful brick-and-mortar store and the wonderful customers that filled its doors! My passion for retail centers around my love for people! I am passionate about assisting people with an outfit for a party, a thoughtful gift, or fluffing their homes for a party! So why make a change? Simple, grandbabies! 

So I created Pink Lola, a business that would allow me to combine all my passions. Pink Lola is located in three beautiful stores, Carriage House and Twin Brothers Antiques in Greensboro. Pink Lola can also be found in High Point at Boxwood Antique Market. I buy and display the merchandise, while the stores sell our products. This allows time for grandbabies! 

Another fun element of our Pink Lola boutique is travel! We take Pink Lola on the road and do shows all year long! Some are large and some are on a smaller scale! I love meeting people from new places! While traveling, we often get asked “How can I buy from you during the year?” Well, now you can! We have added our online store! 

I believe all women should create a beautiful life for themselves. I love to support other women who are trying to do this! The possibilities are endless! So I will leave you with this DARE TO DREAM! 



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