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Giving Back and It Feels So Good!

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Pink Lola always is looking for a brand that is community minded with a give back philosophy.  We have just added Teleties to our online store.  We have been in love with these practical yet stylish hair ties for a long time!  Teleties are great for your hair.  Teleties do not pull or leave creases!  When not wearing as a hair tie, they are super cute as a bracelet!  Did I mention the color selection! Colors range from neutrals to Tie Dye! Amazing!

 Another reason we think Teleties are so special. Teleties has donated over 15,000 TELETIES to the health professionals at some of our nation’s busiest hospitals. 

 These nurses and doctors are working tirelessly to care for the most critically ill while they help keep the rest of us safe.  

Pink Lola thanks all the healthcare professional for a job well done!  We are also thankful to be apart of the Teleties family!  The next time you are wearing your Teletie say a prayer for our healthcare workers!  

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Mary Katherine


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