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Candles and Cocktail Napkins!

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Recently I have had a lot time to reflect and appreciate the small things in life that bring me joy.  My family and friends top the list but there are a few other things that need to be mentioned.

During my stay at home time, I have been forced to be still.  One of the things that I have appreciated and that has uplifted my spirits has been burning a great candle!  I smile just typing the sentence!  The first thing I did everyday was light a candle.  The aroma filled my house and brought comfort and joy.  It is funny how simple things can bring such joy.  I guess that is why we have so many candles at Pink Lola.  I am often asked, "What is your favorite?"  That is nearly impossible to answer.  I love different candles and it depends on my mood or the time of the year as to which one you will find burning at my house!  I will say, I like candles  that smells!  A candle that fills my room with a delicious fragrance.  I don't burn candles just to have a fire!

Here are some of my favorite candles

In no particular order!


Lux Della Robbia smell as good as it looks!  It makes a beautiful gift.  I have a friend and this is her go to gift. 

1. Tyler Entitled 

2. Tyler Lime Light

3. Tyler Frosted Pomegranate (it is in the holiday collection, but i burn it all year!)

4. Tyler Fall Candles Homecoming and Mulled Cider are a toss up for me!

5.Lux Della Robbia

6. Lux Lover's Lane

7. Tom Tom Bamboo

8. Tom Tom Grapefruit

9. Seda France Japanese Quince

10 .Seda France French Tulip 

One of the other simple joys has been  beautiful cocktail napkins!  There is nothing like having my morning beverage in my favorite glass/mug with a beautiful cocktail napkin underneath. For some, this will all seem frivolous and unimportant, for me it started my day off on a happy note!  You all know how important that has been these last few weeks!  The next time you are in Pink Lola, you will become aware of my love of napkins!  I have a shelf at home filled with beautiful and funny napkins!  

Here are a few cocktail napkins I am crushing over right now!


 I would love to hear from you!   What simple things bring you joy?   Remember to stop and appreciate the small things.  As women we run on empty a lot!  Let's change that and find joy!



Mary Katherine 




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